Genealogical Evidentiary Networks: A Tool for Presenting Indirect Evidence

Organizing and presenting indirect evidence can be a challenge. Using the Genealogical Evidentiary Network diagram can help you write overcome these challenges. #ancestry #genealogy #familyhistory

Poor Ancestors are not Invisible: Part 1, Pension Applications

Pension applications can provide valuable insights into our poor ancestors’ lives including vital statistics. Several case studies highlight the rich information found in these sources. #ancestry #genealogy #familyhistory

Land Deed Witnesses: Clues to Family Relationships

Land deeds provide more information than the locations of where our ancestors lived. Witnesses can help break through stubborn genealogical brick walls. #ancestry #genealogy #familyhistory

Breaking Through 18th and 19th Century Brick Walls: ‘Don’t Let Go of Your EGGOS’

How to break through genealogical brick walls using an EGGOS search strategy with shared or in-common with DNA matches. #ancestry #genealogy #familyhistory @ancestry

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