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Crowdsourced Genealogy

Crowdsourcing is an under utilized family history research tool. Social media tools can make it difficult to search and archive information. Other tools fail to reach large numbers of people online. A research problem is presented for crowdsourced assistance as inspiration for the capabilities of true crowdsourcing.

Genealogical Evidentiary Networks: A Tool for Presenting Indirect Evidence

Organizing and presenting indirect evidence can be a challenge. Using the Genealogical Evidentiary Network diagram can help you write overcome these challenges. #ancestry #genealogy #familyhistory

Poor Ancestors are not Invisible: Part 1, Pension Applications

Pension applications can provide valuable insights into our poor ancestors’ lives including vital statistics. Several case studies highlight the rich information found in these sources. #ancestry #genealogy #familyhistory

Land Deed Witnesses: Clues to Family Relationships

Land deeds provide more information than the locations of where our ancestors lived. Witnesses can help break through stubborn genealogical brick walls. #ancestry #genealogy #familyhistory

Breaking Through 18th and 19th Century Brick Walls: ‘Don’t Let Go of Your EGGOS’

How to break through genealogical brick walls using an EGGOS search strategy with shared or in-common with DNA matches. #ancestry #genealogy #familyhistory @ancestry