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About Me

Genealogical pattern recognition is about attending to the small details found in every record, such as an unfamiliar name or location and then correlating it with known information. It’s about understanding early migration routes and historical context and then finding patterns within DNA matches that are more nuanced than familiar surnames. This is what a Genealogy Patternologist™ does. This is what I do.

  • My qualifications include
    • 30+ years of genealogical research
    • Working with Y-DNA since 2006 and autosomal DNA since 2011
    • Trained in the scientific research method with a Ph.D. in Marketing and International Business
    • Additional Training: Research Like A Pro® Study Group

  • DNA Research Tool Expertise
    • Testing:,,,
    • Processes: Leeds Clustering Method
    • Tools:,

  • Record Groups / Databases Expertise
    • Online:,,,,
    • Offline: U.S. County Courthouses; National, state, and local archives; Local libraries; Local historical societies
    • Specialized Software: Gephi Visualization, Lucidchart App

  • Further Areas of Expertise
    • Pennsylvania and Ohio
    • Quaker Church records
    • County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland records